Our Story

DIB started when we asked ourselves how we could help to connect the world and make the financial system more inclusive. We set out to give people more freedom to move without thinking about the issues and obstacles often faced with traditional banks. Remote work and multinational supply chains created the space for digital banking to exist and thrive.


To open new banking opportunities for businesses and individuals alike by providing our services and connecting clients to our exclusive and trusted partners.


To innovate in financial technology and build banking products that make the financial system more inclusive. We believe in using technology and digital mediums to connect with our clients and provide them better access to banking services.


We aim to offer a targeted and bespoke service to underserved market segments by traditional banks and to continually adapt to new developments and evolving customer needs.

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Opening your bank account takes just a few minutes. You can get started with the registration form and then submit the other required documents on your own schedule.


All you need is an internet connection, and you get access to banking services that otherwise would have required a trip to complete. Also, our digital forms and e-signature integrations allow for less time wasted on printing, signing, scanning, and uploading.

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By embracing digital solutions, we can improve sustainability while at the same time making our business operations more efficient. In short, we believe that the bank of the future will not only be one that bridges the physical and digital banking experience but also one that considers the community impact of our services.

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    3. FAQs that we’ve accumulated to answer questions that many of our other clients have asked before applying.
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    5. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands!

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